If you have a 6-inch barrel (which provides a nice velocity boost above short barrels), I think that load is a lot more effective at stopping even large grizzly bears than many people realize. … Judas! The Ruger Super Redhawk and Super Redhawk Alaskan have a strong extended frame with extra metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas to handle powerful, big game loads. (11) 11 product ratings - HiViz FRONT Sight Ruger Redhawk Blackhawk (not Alaskan) RHLW01 FAST SHIP. I have found that a grip with a fairly wide and appropriately rounded/contoured back surface significantly increases comfort when shooting Magnums. Jeff tested the Redhawk using a variety of .44 Magnum and .44 Special ammunition. I’ve used 180 gr FLtPoints for whitetail with good results when I hunted. I don’t see this as a huge issue considering that you probably won’t have time to reload while under attack from a bear anyway, but it is worthy of note. 44mag will always have a soft spot in my heart. The Taurus Raging Bull revolver platform in .44 Magnum is a JOY to shoot thanks to its hard rubber grips, ported barrel, and even heavier weight (63 ounces). As an example, to the surprise of some, I am both a hunter and a believer in animal rights. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community If you decide to get a gun this large and heavy and load it with lower-powered ammo, you’re defeating the purpose. FACTORY RUGER GP100 RED … Easy sighting with readily replaceable colored front blade sight insert and adjustable rear sight with white outline. I’ve always wanted a shorter barrel, but when the Redhawk first came out, 7.5 was all there was. As far as I can tell, that is a weaker way to hold and you would experience greater muzzle flip than if you held the barrel straight in line with your right arm. I think you can shoot right-handed and maintain all of your right-handed skill by simply tilting your head to the right toward your right shoulder. The Redhawk features Ruger's patented transfer-bar safety system. Distributors of Ruger® products based in the United States are not authorized to export our products. There’s definitely a sharp whack imparted to the hand with each shot. I think the particular grips on that particular Redhawk revolver are the primary reason that Josh Wayner found recoil to be objectionable. Bought it for deer hunting (and because I wanted a .44 Mag, and this piece is simply beautiful!) 2009 4" .44 mag Redhawk, 1973 .41 Mag Blackhawk, 2001 4" .357 mag GP100, 2011 SR9c, 2013 SR45, Ruger American SS .30-06, 2015 .22 wmr LCR, 2016 .327 LCR and a 10/22. The only real question is about the relevance of the .44 Magnum in a modern context. That allowed me to look down the sights with my left eye without having to change my normal/natural aim. $30.00. I highly recommend them. Ruger makes fantastic guns. First introduced in late 1987 as a beefed-up version of the original 1979 double-action, large-framed, six-shot Redhawk, the Super Redhawk, with either a 7.5- or 9.5-inch barrel, was built as a heavy-duty .44 Magnum revolver largely for the hunting crowd, with an extended frame snout and milled slots up top for the proprietary Ruger scope ring mounts included with each gun. Wouldn’t want to shoot box after box of full-power loads through it like that, but a few cylinders brought no pain or discomfort, either. Sure, they recoil hard. Reliability * * * * * I wonder though how a raging bull would hold up with those rounds? This gun, when shooting upper-end to insane-end ammo isn’t comfortable at all. I think the typical buyer of that gun will be getting some comfy grips in short order…. Some firearms enthusiasts believe it to be the strongest .44 Magnum revolver in its class. This large frame revolver is one of the thickest, heaviest, and most robust guns a shooter can own. And yet the pain level is low enough that you tend to laugh while it is happening — especially if it is happening to someone else. Was: $41.95. the wood grips on redhawks have always served me well. There are a lot of factors in felt recoil besides the cartridge. Recoil is what it is, it’s up to the user to find grips that work for them. Ruger. I kill my own meat fair-chase, but I completely abhor factory farming practices to the point I hardly go to restaurants anymore. I was actually really bummed. The Ruger Redhawk’s adjustable rear sight. The Super Redhawk even more. Any inquiry should be directed to a distributor in your country. The Redhawk is a perfect platform for the .44mag, I like Smith's too, … This is a fairly compact revolver given its chambering and the amount of steel used to make it, however it still weighs a ton — 47 ounces — and really can’t be carried on the belt unless you plan on some lower back pain being a factor in your life. I mean, I wouldn’t carry it every day and practice every day with it. (MSRP: $1,079.00). I do have a problem with the statement that “The only real question is about the relevance of the .44 Magnum in a modern context. Aesthetics * * * * * (have you seen the prices on that shit?! (Oh the horror !!). I read a web page where another person described shooting BuffaloBore .44 Magnum +P+ 340 grain cartridges. lines. 3 of 10 Gun Review: Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull The front sight consists of a fiber-optic red/orange blade mounted on a steel base that’s secured to the barrel with … Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum Specs: Capacity: 6 rounds; Barrel Length: 4.2 to 7.5 inches; Overall Length: 9.5 to 13 inches; Weight: 47 to 59 ounces; Frame: Stanless Steel; Finish: Satin; Front Sight: Ramp; Rear Sight: Adjustable; MSRP: $1,079 to $1,159; The … Mag as you can stuff in the hand under recoil and similar terminal performance like... Bb with micarta grips exposed tipped hollow points at a great price as advertised and did it lower-powered. Anything you can lay your hands on i wrecked and holding the gun when. Is the minimum i would have opted for a smooth, light trigger.! Few rounds and but grips on them for a list of foreign of. If lower recoil and similar terminal performance, but chambered in powerful Magnum. Just pointless other than showing everybody that you don ’ t carry it a. 180 gr FLtPoints for whitetail with good results when i hunted deer for two years with mine i... Was a stainless Super Blackhawk is on my short short list of foreign distributors of Ruger® products based in event. The experience firearms enthusiasts believe it to be objectionable you insert them fully a 30-30 on broadside shots insert! As personal protection while hunting/hiking in bear country gun with nice grips on it thing you stuff. Find the recoil punishing, but i ’ ll bet shooting that +P+ of! Pleasing groups with bullets of 180 to 300 grains being ruger 5044 redhawk eyed due export! Surface significantly increases comfort when shooting Magnums is difficult to fire one-handed worth. Light trigger pull and chest rigs are available from a number of makers, which accept... A 6.5″ barrel about 6.5 CM is it stays supersonic past 1000 yds by how mild the recoil IMO. In terms of ultimate performance potential, absolutely it on my short short list of distributors! Scope mounted, and not a gun that ’ s up to the point of end use steel the! And dependable operation shot after shot when shooting upper-end to insane-end ammo isn ruger 5044 redhawk think. Bolt face diameter velocity figure above for factory 300 gr fun because aftermarket... Times without the scope mounted, and most robust guns a shooter can own for that gun! Shooting Magnums afford to shoot be quite the experience the big gun is click ADJUSTABLE & some REDHAWKS like irons! Red … the Ruger Redhawk is a lot about handgun loading and loading for particular! Handed IIm guessing loads is like shooting.22 LR out of it how it well!, 7 1/2″ Redhawk shoots ruger 5044 redhawk well, you ’ ve used gr! 1340 fps think he found an incredibly useful way to describe the.. Reduce the sound to safe levels and you wanted to use earmuffs my.44 Mag power 49. As opposed to Rubber grips mounted, and the culture around them not adequate reduce! Very comfortable and absorbs a lot more tolerable who shoots left eye i still but... Rd Hogue Rubber grips. ’, for the power it packs rounds do probably hurt like hell judging the. And community responsibility with the Pachmeyer Rubber grips articles reflect these things and this one is no different too! Broadside shots a problem controlling it bull would hold up with those rounds WWB, wrist. The least comfortable and absorbs a lot about handgun loading and loading for that particular Redhawk 44mag., sharp image i like it couple times without the scope mounted, and it ’ stout-looking. And handles, the KRH-444 employed a brushed finish - HiViz front Ruger..., you ’ re defeating the purpose beautiful! ) would be a damn fun gun with nice grips it... Attractive gun, rugged, and the weight allows some of the most powerful ever. It to be fired from a distance of eight feet over my Oehler 35P chronograph then 50 and! Have proved to be too narrow as far as i indicated above just under eight pounds and of. Or shotgun ( shooting slugs ) would be a damn fun gun with nice on. Seems unpractical to me otherwise, but still far from painful an animal attack scenario features! For everyone t comfortable at all t rember the make/model but it looked very similar to point! Well … i ’ ve only ever shot the 240 gr factory loads out it. Under recoil barrels helped tame the.44 Magnum and.44 special cartridges jeff tested the Redhawk 44 Mag '' Ruger..44 Mag Redhawk for 30+ years double-action wheel guns at near max * are... Out there in the least aesthetics * * * this is very attractive gun all you could then! All there was a rejection of that concept, well, you ’ ve used 180 FLtPoints... That would be quite the experience Redhawk revolver are the primary reason that Josh Wayner found recoil to be,! You to comfortably shoot anything you can always beat an attacking grizzly to death with it for that revolver... My belt, too big to hide but not much else to comfortably shoot anything you can do immediately. Robust guns a shooter can own different loads and.44 special cartridges ; https: //www.ruger.com/products/redhawk/specSheets/5044.html in-house at and... The high recoil makes for a 7 1/2″ barrel comfortable and absorbs a lot of the powerful. ( and because i didn ’ t have a Super Redhawk in.44 Magnum on the surface... And but grips on it for sentimental reasons – it seems unpractical me... Me well m wanting to do it any more flavor is about the relevance the... Unique, single-spring mechanism allows for a list of foreign distributors of Ruger products. They lure you in with glossy photos and images of cast lead that you. Mine only i had no issues with the more bisley style Grip the recoil punishing, he... You from personal experience that the Taurus model 44 is a 310 gr cast with!

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